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June xx, 2018 Activity Participated in the joint exhibition and small-scale exhibition

April 01, 2018 HP Change site composition. Separate Japanese sites.

Feb 27-Mar 04 2018 Activity Participated in the "KM photo team work exhibition Vol.29"

Feb 22-25, 2018 Activity Participated in the "SAMURAI FOTO" work exhibition

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`It was a brilliant flash of light, and looked beautiful…’ This is the last conversation with my grandmother who was a survivor of the bombing. It has been 70 years since the atomic bomb was dropped on Nagasaki city. Many years have gone by, and it is hard to find someone who knows about the details of the war then. My grandmother said the light of the A-bomb looked beautiful. I couldn’t imagine ‘the beauty’ of it and I have been wondering why she said such a thing. I wanted to know how she felt when she saw the light of the bomb on that day. While I was walking around the city of Nagasaki, I saw the remains of the war. The consequences of the bomb were ruins of destroyed town, melted bottles and metals, the bodies severely injured and so on…which I would refuse to face if I were there at that time. Now, the city has rebuilt to the peaceful city, and almost all of us gradually forget the tragedy. I saw The Statue of Peace, watching over us. I couldn’t find any miseries of the war in the city. Although I couldn’t figure out the beauty that my grandmother felt, I decided to take pictures of the city. In my photographs, I want to show you the beautiful sky that my grandmother might have seen on that day. Pikadon, the flash of light and a loud booming sound of the atomic bomb, is caused by a nuclear fission. The power of it can be the same as the fixed star. That is, when the atomic bomb was detonated in the air, it was as if a star suddenly appeared in the sky above a few hundred meters from the ground. Thinking in this way, there is no wonder why my grandmother thought the light was beautiful like Icarus, who was fascinated by the light of the sun. But in reality, the moment the flash of light cut across the sky, the whole city sank into the darkness. The boundary between life and death was set. In the next breath, the irons got bent, the glasses were melted and the buildings were collapsed because of the explosion. People’s bodies got seared and fatally wounded by the intense heat. I closed my eyes and imagined at that moment. Then I heard my soul screaming in my mind. ‘Stop the war! Stop the bombing!’ I wish I could stop the bombing. I wish I could stop the time… As the third generation of the atomic-bomb survivors, I keep praying that the tragedy like Nagasaki will never happen again. In my photographs, I want to express the moment before the tragedy and I want people to feel the beauty that my grandmother might have felt.


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